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One platform for all your software projects

Jexia is creating a platform with a wide range of services & features integrated into a single platform. You will have access to powerful tools that empower you to build modern applications faster and easier than ever.

Jexia application engine

Jexia Application Engine enables you to develop and deploy custom applications. You'll be able to quickly and easily build language agnostic, event-driven, pluggable and portable applications.

Serverless software development

No server configuration, network tuning and maintenance. Just code and start writing instantly. Jexia provides native SDKs for JS and soon as well for Go, Python, Java, Node.js, PHP, .Net, iOS and Android.

Scale your application automatically

Jexia allows your application to scale instantly and automatically, responding to the traffic your application receives. Scale from a single-user application to a thousands-of-users system in the blink of an eye.


The Jexia Platform is designed for large-scale enterprise applications. It provides robust end-to-end security, high availability, reliability, scalability and integration options.

Built for teams and organisations

If you are supervising several teams and would like to set different permission levels for each team and project, you can create Teams & Organizations and assign projects to them.

Easy to deploy

When your application is ready, you can push it to production by directly deploying it from popular tools like Github or Bitbucket. Once it is running, you can monitor it and gain performance insights.

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