Community of Tech Writers

How does it work?

Simple! We're interested in publishing stories around application development with Jexia platform that could be relevant for our users and community. It could be about what you built with Jexia or something you figured out how to do with Jexia. Or perhaps you experienced something new and learned a useful lesson from it. All of that would be a great fit for our blog.

Share your knowledge

Do you love sharing your knowledge? And are you an experienced blogger or technical writer, or would you like to get more skilled and experienced with it? We're looking for you! Did you conduct an experiment with interesting results and would you like to share your experience with other developers around the globe? We want to publish it!


Your gains

Your articles will reach hundreds if not thousands of developers all over the globe, and the feedback you receive from them will help you grow as an author.

Furthermore you will

  • Build your personal branding among developers.
  • Gain more knowledge around serverless.
  • Be part of a bigger community.
  • Get access to Jexia resources (and information and access to our CTO, architects and developers when needed)
  • Receive promotional codes to share with your friends so they can use Jexia for free and become part of your journey.
  • Publish your articles on our website which receives 20k+ organic monthly website visitors and 200,000+ promoted views per month through social media, mostly LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Earn up to US $200 per published post for Jexia.
  • Get Jexia Pro services and features for free for your own use.

How to start?

1. Apply for the program

Apply to this program and choose a subject which you would like to write about. Create content based on your experience. As soon as you have a topic, put it in a Google document with a short description on what it is about, what the reader is going to learn from it, and share the document with us. 

2. Write draft

When we give you the green light on your topic, it's time to write a draft article. Share your article as soon as it's ready for review. We only accept Google documents as it’s easy for us to review and make editorial suggestions where needed.

3. Revision and publish

After revisions, we will publish the article on our blog and send your the payment. Jexia will also share your article across all of our social networks.

Here are some suggestions on topics.

Think of tutorials and how-to's that walk the reader through the creation of a project using Jexia with JavaScript or frontend frameworks such as: Vuejs, Svelte, Reactjs, Angular from start to finish.

Or think of tutorials that point out a specific Jexia service/feature and explores it in more depth. Help others find out the sweet stuff when using JavaScript or Python with Jexia  from start to finish. Or think of topics that cover advanced serverless development vs traditional development.

At this time, we aren’t accepting reference articles on programming language features, or translations. For copyright reasons, we can't reprint content that has already been published elsewhere.

Who are we looking for?

Ideally we are looking for developers or technical writers who have experience in writing tutorials, which needs to be clear, concise, credible, well structured, and easy to follow.

  • Writers should have excellent written English skills.
  • Writers should be fully capable of creating their own content and presenting it ready to publish. We will not consider content that needs extensive reviews to get it ready.
  • Writers should accept the review process from Jexia and avoid challenging the reviewer endlessly; do it only when strictly necessary. Reviewers are there to help you refine the content, and to ensure it meets our standards and requirements.
  • Content must be original and unprecedented. Do not copy or even loosely paraphrase content from existing articles (from anywhere). You may use it as a source of inspiration.
  • Writers should have a Jexia account and preferably have knowledge about BaaS, FaaS and Serverless technologies in general.

Get thousands of eyes on your content and earn up to 200$ per publication.

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