Use Cases

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These are different products that you can achieve using Jexia, by simply mix- and-matching all available services & features.

Simple Todo PWA with Vue

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Record & edit todo list
This simple todo progressive web app will be able to record tasks you want to fulfill in the checklist form. Check the completed tasks, edit, and categorize them.

How to achieve using Jexia
Create a project in Jexia WebApp, create dataset with or without fields with name todo, then create API key. Create CRUD policy for API and dataset.

This app is built using Vue.js, Vuex and Vuetify technologies as well as Jexia JavaScript SDK.

Made with Jexia features:

Polling/voting system

Record users' votes
With Jexia policy management, create an API key that is (only) able to write data in the dataset.

Fetch vote counts
Still using Jexia policy management, create another API key or (admin) user to fetch the vote counts. This API or user will only have read-only access, so they cannot change the votes.

To integrate this system on the application, only 2 API calls are required. The rest will be done in Front-End.

Made with Jexia features:

Push notification feature

What to achieve
To receive real-time popup messages or notifications when for example there's a new order from users or new messages, or when users finish their task, etc.

How to achieve it
You only need to subscribe to events via Jexia RTC and add logic for their actions when the events appear. The events will be triggered from the Jexia side or users' side when there's a create/update/delete activity on dataset/fileset. The step by step:

  1. Create Jexia project
  2. Create dataset and API with policy
  3. Implement Jexia JavaScript SDK and authenticate with API
  4. Make event handler in Front-end
  5. Trigger CUD operations on dataset/fileset

Made with Jexia features:

Online store

Store products information
Use Jexia datasets to store any kind of data and information regarding the store and products. Use Jexia filesets to upload products' images and fill in all corresponding information per product. Jexia filesets will simplify the indexing and retrieving process of your products' files.

Users account function & live-chat
Use Jexia UMS to create a signup-login function. It will store all of your users' information and history, and you will automatically get in-built authentication & authorization of users. Use Jexia RTC to create the live-chat function on the online store to provide live customer service or push notifications for users.

Run the business
Using these simple services and tie them with third-party payment services. You will get a fully functioning online store. The only thing left to do is building the Front-end part of the application and doing API calls.

Made with Jexia features:


What to achieve
The purpose of this app/service is to show any kind of detailed statistics or analytics. It can be used to show statistics about development projects, app analytics including app performance, usage patterns, access patterns, game score leaderboard, etc.

How to achieve using Jexia
Use Jexia datasets and filesets to store all the data and files related to the statistics. Establish relations if needed. Use Jexia UMS and APIs to register the "admin" for analysis purposes. Use policy management to define the level of access.

For the implementation, use Jexia JavaScript SDK or depending on the type of statistics, it might be needed to integrate a third-party.

Made with Jexia features:

CRM system

Store clients' information
Create Jexia datasets to store all clients' information, their order history, details, last communication, etc. Use Jexia filesets to join AWS S3 bucket and store all media information such as pictures, invoices, etc. Using Jexia relations function to increase complexity by establishing relation(s) between datasets & filesets or any relation formats. This will enable you to get all the needed information related to certain orders in 1 request, including the client's profile and media info.

Admin control
Assign certain users (employees/team members) or APIs as admins who will have access to modify and update the clients' information. The authentication can be done using Jexia UMS, control access by policy management.

Implement the Front-end part by using Jexia JavaScript SDK with VueJS or React or Angular framework.

Made with Jexia features:

e-Learning application

Features of the app
This app provides a service for users to take courses online, from anywhere. It can be web-based or mobile-based. The courses are taught by video instructions and direct-tutoring by discussion boards and live-chat feature with the online teacher/trainer. An online-test feature can be added as well to complete the course and certify the students.

How to achieve using Jexia
Use Jexia datasets to store all the course materials and lessons. Use Jexia filesets to put the media files such as video tutorials and instructions, images, etc. Create relations between certain files and datasets (depending on the course). Create rules for authentication & authorization, then add user function using Jexia UMS. For any real-time functions such as live-chat, use Jexia RTC.

To implement them all, use Jexia JavaScript SDK in the web app or mobile app, wherever you want the app to be accessed from.

Made with Jexia features:

Game app

Features of the app
This app can be as simple as Tic Tac Toe or as complex as you want it to be.

How to achieve using Jexia
Use Jexia datasets & filesets to store everything related to the game. Create rules using policy management for APIs or users. Create users using Jexia UMS, and RTC to keep the players and the game in sync.

Use Jexia JavaScript SDK to put it together in the app, or you can implement it with a third-party if needed, depending on the type of the game.

Made with Jexia features:

Program app

With this formulation, create any variations of program app with different skill levels.

Store data
Use Jexia datasets to store any data related to this program app. If it's a training app then store all information about training and fitness, if it's a cooking program then store all the recipes and any related information, etc. Use filesets to store all related media files, such as video tutorials, images, etc. Create relations between datasets and filesets or any relation formats that suit the program app.

Access Control
Create rules for auth and access management using APIs or/and UMS, and policies.

Use Jexia JavaScript SDK to populate data and put everything together in the web or mobile app.

Made with Jexia features: