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Jexia's Real Time Communication (RTC) provides you the opportunity to get real-time push notifications when your datasets, filesets or user management data are being changed.

With this feature, you can update your application and provide a real-time functionality for your application. For this functionality, Jexia RTC is using the WebSocket protocol.

RTC module JavaScript SDK

If you want to build some chat or online booking system you can use the RTC module in our JavaScript SDK to process notification after the resource was updated. You can just download and implement the module to your application project.

RTC publish/subscribe

With this functionality, you can now build an application with real-time communication custom channels. It also enables you to store the message logs with just 1 click and retrieve them when you need it. In the Professional project, you will get 2 KB of max allowed message size that can be published (and thereby received) on a pub/sub channel.

RTC availability

All RTC services are available on a Professional project. Enjoy an unlimited amount of concurrent requests! For more information, click to check our pricing page!

We are working on this upcoming feature:

Grant and blocking permission

With this feature, not only you will get real-time notifications of the changes that are being done in your datasets, filesets, and UMS. You can also block or give permission (to APIs or users) for the changes to be executed or revoked. Stay tuned with our updates and check our changelog to see what's happening!