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Frequently Asked Questions

About Resources

  • Max concurrent requests

    This is the number of simultaneous API (HTTP and WebSocket) requests that are allowed at a certain moment in time.

    An application with 50 million monthly active users usually requires less than 100k concurrent connections, because your application users don't connect all at once. The amount of concurrent connections typically depends on the total users that are active at the same time.

  • Max allowed number of requests per month

    This is the number of API (HTTP and WebSocket) requests that your project can receive per month. When your application reaches the maximum of allowed requests per month, the requests will return with an error. You can increase the limits of your project by upgrading it to the next available higher plan.

  • Max request payload size

    This is the maximum allowed size of an API (HTTP) request.

  • Max allowed data storage size

    This is the maximum size, according to our measurements, your data is allowed to be.

  • Max real-time concurrent connections

    This is the number of simultaneous WebSocket connections that are allowed at a certain moment in time.

  • Max pub/sub payload size

    This is the maximum allowed message size that can be published (and thereby received) on a pub/sub channel.

  • Other questions

    Do you have another questions regarding resources? Feel free to write to us!

About Pricing

  • Will my paid subscription renew automatically each month?

    Yes. When you upgrade your project from the Hobby (free) tier to Professional tier, that project will be automatically billed for 8 per month.

  • What payment options can I use?

    For the moment, we only provide the payment method by Credit Card.

  • How do I cancel a paid tier?

    If you want to cancel your paid tier, you can delete your project and automatically your paid subscription will be canceled. If you want to keep your project but just get back to the Hobby tier, you can send us a message through the Support Ticketing System in the WebApp. We will assist you to revert to the free plan. 

  • What happens if my credit card payment is late or being withdrawn?

    Your project will be frozen. If after a month the bill is still not being paid, your project will be changed automatically to the Hobby (free) tier. In that case, you will lose access to the paid services and features.

  • What happens if I cross the limits?

    You won't be able to cross the limits as we will automatically restrict you. You will receive a notification email from us when you're nearing the limits of your tier.

  • Can I pay only for certain resources?

    No, at the moment you cannot pay for certain resources.

  • Is there a chance you'll increase the pricing of the projects?

    There is always a chance things will change in the future. However, we can guarantee that the changes will only affect new projects from the moment the price is increased.

    For example: if you have a project for which you're paying 8 euro /month, you'll keep that pricing for life even if the pricing on our website changes to 10 euro /month. But any new project you then create will cost 10 euro /month.