Content filesets

Jexia Filesets is bringing a new intelligent way of interacting with files for the application/software development.

We are introducing a new way of organizing your files by enriching them with additional metadata, which you can use to filter your files.

Jexia Filesets offer these following features:

Organizing Files Through Metadata

Avoid organizing files in a traditional way by using a (fixed) folder or directory structure to search a file. With Jexia Filesets, you can search for files by filtering the files’ enriched metadata such as name, size, keywords, tags, etc.


Relation feature allows you to build relations between all Jexia’s services (filesets, datasets and/or users), by simply by drag-and-dropping connections in our UI. You will get them connected in one fetch. There is no need to do multiple calls and manage if they are successfully connected or not.


Jexia Filesets currently have an integration with AWS S3. We provide an API for you to access your files in AWS S3.

Access Control AWS S3

With AWS S3, you can control the access of your filesets by modifying the bucket access permissions settings. Click to learn more about the AWS S3 configuration.

We are working on these upcoming features:

More Storage Options

We are currently working on Jexia local storage and more integrations with more storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


With this tooling feature, you will be able to manipulate your files as they get uploaded/stored (specifically image/video). The functions are including cropping, resizing, removing red-eye, saturation and brightness control, convert to PDF/PNG/etc, making a thumbnail, remove image/video, etc


Similar to Jexia Datasets, with this upcoming feature, Jexia Filesets will allow you to perform CRUD operations with advanced filtering options by using functions such as count, min and max, etc.