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Jexia application hosting
Jexia application hosting

Application Hosting

Jexia application hosting provides you a fast and reliable way to host your Node applications, your Docker images, and static assets such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By using Jexia application hosting, you can utilize the full power of the Node and NPM ecosystem.

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relational data storage
jexia datasets


Data storage that provides the ability to interact with data through auto-generated API endpoints. You can store both SQL and NoSQL simultaneously, perform CRUD operations and advanced filtering options without worrying about maintenance or performance.

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organize files through metadata
jexia filesets


Jexia Filesets treat files as data. We are providing a new way of organizing and managing files by using the enriched files' metadata. We have integration with AWS S3 and Digital Ocean spaces where you can store files.

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user management system for your application
jexia ums

User Management System

User Management allows you to keep track of the users of your application. Using its APIs, it is possible to "create" or "login" user, and, through the Jexia WebApp you will be able to manage the (existing) users. Jexia UMS can work as a stand-alone service for your application.

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send push notification using real time communication
jexia rtc

Real Time Communication

Jexia RTC enables you to build rich and collaborative applications. You can easily subscribe to the RTC channel within your project and receive all the real time events in your application.

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create relations between your data and files
relational data storage


Instead of making complex SQL statements to join 2 or more tables like the traditional databases, Jexia Relations allow you to create one-to-many or many-to-many relations between two resources/services by drag-and-dropping a simple line from one to another. Also, relations can be changed on the go without impacting data.

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access management for users and api
authentication and authorization

Authorization and Policy Management

Jexia Authorization enables you to authorize a “subject” which could be an API or user to get specific access (create, read, update, delete) to specific resources or services (dataset, fileset, or user management). With this, you can easily separate the access level for your application. For example: read access for API, edit/delete access for registered users.

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collaborate in building apps
collaborate with your colleague


You need a team to build your application? You can easily invite colleagues to collaborate on projects. This service will allow you to invite unlimited users to collaborate with you on any kind of software or application project you are working on.

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Quickstart samples

Simple TODO PWA with Vue + Jexia

Simple todo PWA with Vue.js using Jexia Datasets and JS SDK

Real-time Pub/Sub service

How to use Jeixa Real-time communication Pub/Sub service

Polling/voting system

Record users' votes, fetch vote counts, and manage access level.

Javascript SDK

Jexia JavaScript SDK

Use our opensource JavaScript SDK to kickstart your app development. You can use it on both server-side and browser-side. Authentication & authorization are handled automatically by the SDK and it provides all the flexibility you need to interact with your projects on the Jexia platform.

JavaScript SDK