Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Jexia platform going offline?

    Yes, we will be taking down the platform and all it’s contents by April 30th 2021. All user agreements also end on that date.

  • Why is the Jexia platform going offline?

    Over the past few years we’ve poured our hearts into this platform. And although we consider it to be a technological success, we unfortunately haven’t been able match this commercially. As a result we have decided to call it quits.

  • Until when can I access my account/projects?

    Your account and projects will be accessible until the 30th of April 2021.

  • How can I export my datasets?

    The easiest way to export your data is to use an HTTP client able to write to a file of choice, such as curl, wget, postman, etc. Using this tool you can grab all data from a dataset in batches of (for example) 500 records: curl 'https://<project URL>/ds/<your dataset name>?range={%22limit%22:%20500,%20%22offset%22:0}' --header 'Authorization: Bearer<project access token with read policy>'

    Note: that range={"limit": 500, "offset":0} needs to be URL encoded.

    Should you encounter any issues with this, we can assist in providing a database dump. Please contact us at support@jexia.com in a timely fashion.

  • Will all of my data be deleted permanently?

    Yes. All of your data on the platform -including your account and payment details, projects, and all backups- will be permanently deleted after the contractual retention term has ended.

  • My question isn’t here, how can get in touch?

    Feel free to contact us by email at support@jexia.com. We’ll get back to you asap.