As a developer, you might want to be able to collaborate with your friends and/or colleagues. For this goal, the collaboration feature is introduced. Each collaborator has almost the same rights in the project as the owner, except the ability to:

  • remove a project
  • invite collaborators
  • remove collaborators (but you can leave)

As Project owner:

Invite collaborator

Click the button "Send invite". The invitation dialog will appear. Fill out Jexia the user email (note, that email must be of existing registered user) and hit "Send invitation". After successful submission, both you and the invitee will receive an email (for you - it's the info about your action, for the invitee - it is the invite).

Delete collaborator

Click the "trash" button/icon on the collaborator row of your choice. The "Remove collaborator" dialog will appear. Read carefully the message and choose the action that suits your needs.

As a collaborator

Accept an invite

If you received an email that invites you to collaborate on some project, you can accept it by clicking the "Accept invitation" button in the email. You don't need to be logged in to accept an invitation. There is only one thing, that is required - the token should be valid and not expired (48hours from the moment of sending). If the invitee accepts the invitation, the project owner receives an email notification.

List collaborators

Head over to the Collaboration item in the project's left menu to view the list of existing collaborators. All collaboration related actions can be performed on this page.

Leave the project as a collaborator

Click the "Leave project" button on the top right corner of the collaboration screen (visible only if you are a collaborator). The "Leave the project" dialog will appear. Read carefully the message and choose the action that suits your needs. If you choose to leave the project, you will not be able to manage it anymore (at least until the owner of the project invited you again).