Content datasets

Your Serverless Data Storage

Jexia is providing a new concept of data storage with Datasets. You do not have to be a database expert or write complex SQLs and do a database configuration as Jexia Datasets allow you to organize, manage, access and update data information in a very fluid and intuitive way.

With Jexia Datasets, it is possible to have both SQL and NoSQL data in one storage. When setting up the project, you do not have to worry about when and why to choose between one of these data structures. You can easily switch between them.

Jexia Datasets come with the following features:

Storage for both SQL and NoSQL

Jexia Datasets enable you to store, manage, and interact with both structured & unstructured data (SQL and NoSQL) in one store without having to do any maintenance or performance tweaking. Enjoy 1 GB of data storage for a Hobby project and 10 GB for a Professional project! For details, visit our pricing page.

CRUD operations and access permission

Not only you can manipulate data by CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations, but you can also give specific access permission (either create, read, update or delete) on API key level or user level.

Auto-generated API

You do not need to worry about the SQL language/syntax. Simply use Jexia WebApp to create and manage the structure (datasets, fields, validations, etc) and the consumption APIs to manipulate data (CRUD operations). Auto-generated API is available for both Hobby and Professional project!


Relation feature allows you to build relations between all Jexia’s services (filesets, datasets and/or users), by simply by drag-and-dropping connections in our UI. You will get them connected in one fetch. There is no need to do multiple calls and manage if they are successfully connected or not.

Fields with validation

Fields with validations feature will help you keep the consistency of the data that is stored. You can add a default value to the field as well. There is no need to code in the backend to implement this function for your application. It can be done with a few clicks on the Jexia platform.

Aggregation functions

Aggregation functions, such as min, max, sum, avg, count, encryption, and you can combine output with other fields as well.

Export and import data

Jexia Datasets allow you to import and export your data, from and to JSON. To import and export data you can use Jexia CLI.