Using GitHub Authentication on Jexia

Edward Martins · Feb 6, 2020
github authentication on jexia
github authentication on jexia

Now you can use Jexia with your GitHub account!

Why GitHub?

We implemented the GitHub sign-up and log-in to give users who already have a GitHub account a simple, fast, and secure way to get into the Jexia platform, so you don't have to have another extra username and password to remember

GitHub Authentication enables you to identify users and provides a login form based on GitHub user credentials.

Here's how it works!

how github authentication works with jexia

How do I do it?

Easy! Just go to the sign-up page :

jexia signup with github
jexia login using github

And just click on Login with GitHub button. You will then see the GitHub login and/or the authorization request:

github authentication authorization

Click on the Authorize button and you're ready... You will be redirected to the Jexia platform.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of information does GitHub provide about my account?

GitHub only provides Jexia your profile information, such as your name and e-mail.

I already have a Jexia account with my e-mail address, can I use GitHub sign-in with it?

If you are using the same e-mail address on Jexia and GitHub, yes you can.

I deleted my GitHub account, how can I proceed to login to my Jexia account?

Easy, you just need to go to the Forgot Password page, then enter your e-mail and click on Send Email. You will receive an e-mail with a link to create a new password, after that, you just login as usual.

login to jexia platform