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Jexia is ready to become a Global Developer Platform

by Rafael Akopian | Co-Founder at Jexia

We're very excited to announce a major expansion!

After three years of development, 115K+ development hours, 250k+ lines of code, 3K beta testers, lots of fun, struggles and co-creation, we are more than proud to announce that we have built our very own Global Serverless infrastructure to make modern application development even better.

“Our goal hasn’t changed since day one – to make web and mobile application development easy and accessible for every developer.”

Jexia is ready to serve developers and teams worldwide by providing them services for API driven applications.

Principles we’ve had from the beginning are the core of every single feature that is developed:

  • Developer experience, #1 priority. Developer friendly, ease-of-use, organized documentation, API first approach. We care deeply about providing a great developer experience through intuitive APIs and interfaces, and tight integrations with 3rd party services.
  • Awesome Support, by Developers for Developers. Regardless of questions that you have about your application development we are here to help. Quick response to all of your question is guaranteed.  

Introducing Jexia’s core services and features that almost every software project needs.

Whether you work on a simple to-do app or multiuser, highly scalable SaaS application, we have the right tools to support you.

The services we have built are the essentials for almost every software project. Hereunder I will explain in high level their concepts:

Jexia Dataset is a multi-mode data storage that provides you with the ability to interact with the data, through auto-generated API endpoints. You can perform CRUD operations including advanced filtering options to manipulate data. The power of a Jexia dataset is also that you can store structured and unstructured data simultaneously into the same dataset during your development without worrying about maintainability or performance. Jexia will handle that for you to keep the performance high.

Jexia Fileset provides you the ability to store, manipulate and manage your files. The nice thing about Jexia’s Fileset is that it treats the files as data, so you can enrich your file’s metadata by adding fields to it and Jexia will handle it for you. We have already a tight integration with AWS S3 bucket and we are working on a local storage as well as integrating with other providers, such as Dropbox, and Google drive.

Jexia Real-Time Communication enables you to build rich, collaborative applications by allowing secure information access on events directly from client-side code. You easily subscribe to the RTC channel of your project and when something happens, you will be informed through that channel. Think for example of getting notified when a record is created, or do something when a record is updated and so on.

Jexia Relations allows you to create one-to-many or many-to-many relationships between two or more resources by just drag-and-dropping a simple line from one to the other “Resource”, instead of creating a linking table, like you would do in a traditional databases. You can also create relations between different resources such as datasets, filesets and Jexia User Management System for instance.

Jexia Authentication and authorization enables you to Authorize a “Subject” such as an API key or a User to get access to a Resource such as a Dataset or Fileset. Jexia Authentication and Authorization is an excellent option for applications that can have different user & access levels, and content owners – think of discussion forums, Stack Overflow, Reddit, shops, SaaS platforms etc.

Jexia User Management System gives you the ability through the User Management API to programmatically complete tasks from a secure server environment, such as “Create user”, “Login user”, customize their user experience, update user properties including their password and retrieve users data, define who has access to what data, and how they access it.

Jexia Collaboration makes it easy to invite friends and colleagues to collaborate on projects. The newly invited users will get an email with the subject [Jexia invites you to collaborate on {project name} by {your name}] Invitation message to join project and an option to accept the invitation. When they accept your invitation you will get a message that the new collaborator is added to your project.

Introducing our new Website, Documentation and SDK

Along with new feature launches, we’re moving our website, documentation, and SDK to a new level:

New Website Concept

Our amazing UI/UX Team did some magic together with the Voorhoede’s Team. They have been working to create our unique identity, redesigned our entire website and creating our own Icons and illustrations.

We have developed Jexia Icon set and illustrations which are representing Jexia: our culture, our services and what we like most. Having our own icons brings us more to our unique identity which we represent through everything we do. As you know we love sharing… If you would like to use one or more of our icons or illustrations in your projects and presentations, don’t hesitate to send us a message [mailto:], we would love to share it with you and support your projects and of course we would be more than glad to be part of every single piece that contributes to your success.

New Documentation

We’re also launching a brand new documentation page with technical explanation and explanatory videos, we are still in progress of creating more videos.

Check out the documentation.

New JavaScript SDK

The Jexia JavaScript SDK is upgraded and up-to-date on NPM and the documentation is on Github.
Check the documentation.

//Install SDK
npm install jexia-sdk-js --save

Announcing New Pricing Plans

We’re excited to announce that Jexia Projects will have a Free tier, with a full package of all our services and features included. The only limitations are the used resources, like Data Storage, API request per second, etc…

We are also announcing 3 paid tiers for resource-intensive applications. When your application is heavily used then you can choose one of our paid tiers with more resources. 
We now offer:

  • A free plan with limited resources called “Development”
  • A fixed-rate plan for early-stage applications, called (Starting) with a predictable monthly price
  • And two fixed-rate plans with predictable monthly prices for growing applications, called (Growing and Professional). Those plans provide you more resources to guarantee the availability of your applications to a larger audience.

More in development

These are still the early days of Jexia. We will continue to improve and add more services and features to Jexia. For example, besides the JavaScript SDK, we will develop new SDKs to support rapid development in more languages. It will help us to hear more from you, your feedback, so we can improve and enrich the platform to fulfill all your needs. You can help us by providing feedback and requesting features.

So far this major update! Keep in touch… there is more to come!
As always if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or one of my colleagues at Jexia.