How to integrate with Jexia

Mikhail Bilokon · Feb 13, 2020
jexia and zeit
jexia and zeit

Hi there!

Some of you have asked about how to integrate with Jexia platform. It's very simple! Here is what needed to make the integration:

  1. So as the first step, we need to have an account for Zeit. So please sign in or sign up.
  2. Next, we need to have an open GitHub repository which we want to deploy. I will use an open repo from Jexia I have forked jexia-vue-todo to my account.
  3. Now click "Create a new project"
create zeit project
  1. Click new project from GitHub
  2. Select proper repo:
github repo for zeit project
deploying app using zeit
  1. Now, everything is up and running!
app is deployed using zeit

As you can see, there is no need for any specific actions or 100 steps to make an integration. Most of the activities are done around GitHub repositories.

If you need to run some specific back-end logic, you can use Jexia application hosting for this.

Happy coding!