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How our engineers use Jexia, as just happened at a hackathon

by Jexia's Editorial Team

There is one very interesting thing about the life of a software developer at Jexia: you can not only build truly awesome stuff, you can also eat your own delicious dog food. After more than one year of building a platform seriously easing and accelerating a programmer's software development journey, our engineers at last had the opportunity to start using it themselves. A recap of our first internal hackathon, with many more to come!

What is Jexia?

Jexia helps software developers big time by serving, running and scaling core back-end functions for web apps. No need to create user management mechanisms over and over, nor data relations, real-time communication or an authentication and authorization system. You as a developer can just connect with our APIs and then the Jexia platform will automatically run, maintain and scale these functions for you.

Software engineering as it's meant to be

Simultaneously, our platform empowers you to live like the software engineer that most software developers really want to be. More oftentimes you'll work on creating new code combinations instead of replicating ordinary code blocks found all over Stack Overflow. Syntax code for authentication, real-time communication data relations and user management have already been written millions of time. It's just much more satisfying to write code that hasn't been written before and really distinguishes your customers or your startup from their counterparts. Develop smart, not hard.

The first Jexia hackathon

So yes, when we announced a hackathon enabling our software engineers to taste their own honey, they were like a bunch of bears eager to put their paw into their own jar. 

Ideation in our Slack

The ideas quickly poured in and the motivation and adrenaline were on top level:

The rules of the game:

Although the sky is the limit with Jexia, the organizers had to calm our devs down a bit. Yes, there's a hacking part in the word 'hackathon', but there are certain rules of course.

The jury's announcement:

Then, after two days of engineering, judgement day came:

Bronze winner: Jexia Image Editor (winning €200,-)

The team of Maarten and Tarik took third place by building a collaborative image editor which allows multiple people to work on the same canvas. The canvas gets updated in real-time when an editor makes a change. So a change is directly shown to all other editors.

On the canvas, users can create shapes (circle, rectangle, etc.), images and texts. The shapes have properties like rotation, size, color, and effects (shadow, glow), which can be set. The editor also supports importing and exporting the image to PNG, SVG, etc. User can even see a t-shirt preview of the canvas (ordering the t-shirt is not included though).

Silver winner: (€400,-)

The team of, existing of Rishabh, Marlos, Rafael and Marius, had developed a so-called multi cloud-storage management platform, where users can add and mix storage from third party providers, such as Google Storage, Dropbox, MS Onedrive into one environment. Being enabled to so, empowers the users to create one big storage place to benefit from.

Gold: JARViS (€600,-)

Jexia's Awesome Resource Visualization System (JARViS) is Jexia's brand new health indicator, introduced by the team of Mark and Denis. Basically it exists of a traffic light in our office, that in correspondence with a Slack integration can show basic information about our latest build, test or resources status. Using Webhooks, data is sent from Jenkins/Circle-Ci to Jexia Datasets, and consumed from Raspberry Pi via RTC. To switch to different tracking modes, JARViS can be put in the right direction by supporting commands that correspond to build, test or monitor procedures. And JARViS is even able to answer questions outside of its command-base. For this reason, all non-recognized commands are forwarded to a general-purpose ChatterBot. 

More insights into the winners soon!

As being the brainchild of our engineer Mark, a more personal perspective on the making of JARViS will be provided soon-ish, as well as of the other price winners, so make sure you are going to follow our blog.