Content auth

Jexia Authentication and Authorization provide you the opportunity to implement the authentication process for an "authorized subject” which could be an API key or user and differentiate the access level between those two subjects to certain resources.

Together with our policy management, you can manage a specific access level (create, read, update, delete) to specific resources or services (dataset, fileset, or user management).  For example, read-only access for API key, edit/delete access for registered users.

API keys

Authenticate your API keys and manage their access level using policies. You can specify the API permissions by granting specific actions on specific resources of your applications. You can implement this API authentication and authorization easily by using our JavaScript SDK.

User Management System

Similar to API keys authentication and authorization, by using policy management you can also grant specific permissions (create, read, update or delete) to users for specific resources.

User Management System (UMS) functions

Jexia UMS enables you to have user sign-up and log-in functions; activate and deactivate users; view users' details and users' profiles; change password, and delete users in your business logic, which can work as a stand-alone service for your application.

API requests per month

You get to enjoy 2 million API (HTTP and WebSocket) requests per month for a Hobby project and an unlimited API requests/month for a Professional project!

We are working on this upcoming feature:

User activation email(s)

This coming soon feature of UMS (User Management System) will allow you to set a more complete activation process for the users by sending them activation emails. Stay tuned with our updates and check our changelog to see what's happening!