Content app hosting

Jexia application hosting provides you a fast and reliable way to host your Node.js applications and static assets such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

By using Jexia application hosting you can utilize the full power of the Node JS and NPM ecosystem.

Jexia application hosting comes with the following features:

Deploy application directly from GitHub repo

Automatically build and deploy applications from Github by a single click. You don't need to deploy containers, VPS or set-up any load balancers. We support both public and private GitHub repositories.

Subdomain under * & custom domain

By default, a hosted application is available at its Jexia domain with the form of * We also provide the ability to create your own custom domain without any extra charges.

SSL provisioning and protection

Jexia application hosting provides renewable SSL certificates by default. Jexia automatically provisions SSL certificates for all your * domains so that all your content is served securely.