This is us!

Our people

Jexia is a developer platform that helps increase developers' productivity.

Behind Jexia platform is a real team of smart and passionate developers. We have a passion for technology and our culture of innovation shines through our people. 

We're a small, but mighty team from nine nationalities. We are distributed over five locations: The Netherlands (our headquarters), Spain, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia. 

We're here for you as well when you need us. We give support and answer tickets, organize meet-up talks through which we share our knowledge, and we try to provide you with anything you need to help you succeed in the challenges you face in your application development.

This is what we do

  • Simplify it

    We understand that making things simple requires persistence and high-quality standards. We go an extra mile to deliver true simplicity for your unique experience.

  • Create together

    A beehive is as strong as its community; that is why we constantly seek your ideas and feedback. Co-creation is at the heart of our community.

  • Devs for devs

    We think serverless application development should be a great experience. As we are developers ourselves, we know your expectations. We listen - we build - we repeat.

Accelerating your Web & Mobile Development

Jexia gives you API-enabled services and functionalities which allows you to roll out new features in your application, more safely and quickly .

You focus on your application development! We focus on servers, network, load-balancing, scaling, infrastructure, creating and managing containers, databases and APIs for you.

Well thought out and all automated, so you don't have to maintain anything related to your backend services.

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