Code snippets to use Jexia

Paste the codes into your IDE, tweak with your project info from Jexia, and you are good to go!

// Install npm install jexia-sdk-js node-fetch ws --save
//Check if you have API and Policy created.

import { jexiaClient, dataOperations } from "jexia-sdk-js/node"; // jexia-sdk-js/browser;
const dataModule = dataOperations();

// You can need to use API Key / API Secret which is generated in Jexia. Do not forget make Policy for API   
  projectID: "project_id",
  key: "API_KEY",
  secret: "API_SECRET",

// Now you can run CRUD operations for DataSet: clients
  .then(data => {
    // you have been succesfully logged in!
    // you can start using the dataModule variable to operate on records here
  }).catch(error => {
    // uh-oh, there was a problem logging in, check the error.message for more info


jexia real time communication

Application Hosting

Jexia application hosting provides you a fast and reliable way to host your Node.js applications and static assets such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can use only our app hosting independently, or together with other features.

Dataset icon


Interact with data through auto-generated API endpoints. You can store both SQL & NoSQL simultaneously, do CRUD operations and advanced filtering options without maintenance.


Jexia Filesets treat files as data. We are providing a new way of organizing and managing files by using the enriched files' metadata. We are currently integrated with AWS S3 to store your files.


Create one-to-many or many-to-many relations between two resources/services by drag-and-dropping a simple line from one to another. Also, it can be changed on the go without impacting data.

User Management System

Keep track of the users of your application. Using its APIs, it is possible to "create" or "login" user, and manage the (existing) users. Jexia UMS can work as a stand-alone service for your app.

jexia real time communication

Real time communication

Jexia RTC enables you to build rich and collaborative applications. You can easily subscribe to the RTC channels within your project and receive all the real-time events in your application.

collaborate in building apps


Invite colleagues easily to collaborate on projects. This service will allow you to invite unlimited users to collaborate with you on any software or application project you are working on.

Why using Jexia

Serverless, simple, less coding

We take care of backend-related tasks. No need to set up servers/containers, install databases, create APIs, and do repetitive coding. Just one click to deploy.

Scalable & secure

We fulfill your apps' usage as you scale, protected by SSL & secured with data encryption that fulfills industry security and privacy standards, for you and your users.

Integrated, ready-to-use services

No configuration needed. Our services and features can be used separately or together with other services/features as it’s fully integrated with one another.