What Jexia offers

Serverless, simple, less coding

We take care of backend related tasks. No need to set up servers or containers, install databases, create APIs, and do repetitive coding for maintenance.

Scalable & secure

We fulfill your apps' usage as you scale, protected by SSL & secured with data encryption that fulfills industry security and privacy standards, for you and your users.

Integrated, ready-to-use services

No configuration needed. Our services and features can be used separately or together with other services/features as it’s fully integrated with one another.

Jexia products

Develop with Jexia

  • Agnostic platform

    Build any kind of application you want in any language you prefer. From web or mobile application to SaaS platform.

  • Cloud-based & simple

    Go serverless on our ready-to-use infrastructure. Leave maintenance and complexity behind.

  • Focus on growth

    Disrupt your market and solve that challenge. Build your ideas faster than competitors and stay ahead.

Save time with Jexia

Jexia saves 45% of developers’ time each week

Developer hours with Jexia

Developer hours without Jexia

Jexia Use Cases

Have a look into our use cases! Check out these different applications and features/functions that you can build using Jexia, by simply mix-and-matching all of the available services and features.

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Who we are

By developers, for developers

We understand because we're developers ourselves. Reducing repetitive coding tasks in software & application development is our purpose. If you're a developer, you must try Jexia! We're sure you'll love it as much as we do.

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